Tips from Santa's Workshop for a fabulous entry

Whether you will be a walking entry or will enter a float, here is a suggested guideline to ensure your entry will be a successful one for the Oakville Santa Claus Parade. 


  • Search through the Oakville Santa Claus Parade website for important forms, dates and ideas.

  • Have your planning committee in place and begin brainstorming for ideas.

  • Allocate a budget for your float, approximately $400 - $500.

  • Nominate a "Head Elf" to oversee the project and ensure all crucial dates are met.

  • Decide on a design for your float incorporating this year's theme.

  • Remember to check the website for float requirements and judging criteria.

  • The Oakville Santa Claus Parade floats are not built by companies, rather by individual community groups, schools and Oakville companies big and small. Groups "borrow and beg" a truck or flatbed to decorate.  Check out the Astro Parade site for float ideas and materials.


  • Register your float as there is limited space. Registration form is typically available late Fall.

  • Advertise the event among your organization.

  • Find volunteers interested in working on the float - designing costumes, props, etc.

  • Think about incorporating music into your float - pre-recorded, live etc.

  • To keep within your budget, ask members of your organization for any needed supplies (such as fabric, paint, wood, etc.). 


  • All your elves should be hard at work sewing costumes, painting sets, making props, etc.

  • Recruit and finalize all elves to participate on float.

  • Any live music should be finalized.

  • Assign a "Clean-up Crew" in place to help dismantle your float after the Parade.


  • Attend the MANDATORY PRE-PARADE MEETING at Town Hall to receive final parade package and instructions - no exceptions.

  • Hold final "costume fittings".

  • Check the Weather Network for appropriate clothing attire on parade day.

  • Provide float participants with a "Parade Package (to be posted after parade meeting)" outlining the parade route, the drop-off and pick-up areas. Don't forget to highlight road closures and the importance of arriving at the marshalling area within the designated time.

Parade Day

  • Check your Parade Package for road closures, for marshalling area, and designated arrival time.
  • Check your local news and/or the Weather Network for appropriate clothing attire.
  • Don't forget to bring your Christmas spirit and a big smile!
  • Have fun and be merry!


Parade Photos

Winners Announcements

TVCogeco Air Dates

 People's Choice Survey

  • Get your team together and watch the parade with family and friends on TVCogeco (schedule to be posted a week parade date).

  • Most important thank your crew!.