Important Band and Bus Driver Information

We will assign letters to the bands to avoid confusion with the float entries. Please ensure the driver of your bus as well as all participants have this position letter on parade day and that he/she knows where the staging area is, and how to get there.  Read below for the maps.

Please arrive between 8:00AM and 8:30AM so that our marshals can get everyone set up and ready to start at 9:00AM sharp.   

Please pay special attention to the instructions for the Parade – in particular we ask that your bus NOT park in the staging area (but immediately leave after you are dropped off). We are always looking to improve the end of the parade route and ask for your assistance to ensure your bus is parked in the correct place on Felan Avenue.

Staging Area and Parade Route Map 2017

Follow the links for the parade staging area and route map.  The parade runs West along Lakeshore from Reynolds to Kerr Street, and North on Kerr to Stewart.  Bands will continue along Felan Avenue where busses will be waiting.  Floats have different instructions – do not follow the trucks!

BUS DRIVER MAP: this map and instructions are to be provided to your bus driver with instructions on getting to our Parade, driving to the end of the route to pick you up, and exiting the Town to get to the QEW.

NO VEHICLES IN PARADE:  Please be advised that vehicles are NOT permitted to follow your band in the Parade – any vans or vehicles are to meet you at the end of the Parade route.

PARADE LENGTH:  The parade is approximately 1 hour in length (not including the line up time). Please keep this in mind for pick up times.

DROP OFF/PARADE BEGINNING:  Band members can be dropped off at the corner of Reynolds and Robinson.Your bus should come South on Allen Street, West on King Street to Reynolds, North on Reynolds – drop off at Reynolds and Robinson – and then East on Robinson to Allen Street. Your bus must immediately leave the area and cannot park, as this causes traffic congestion on the neighbourhood streets.Please ensure your bus driver is aware of the drop off points, as they will NOT be allowed to drive anywhere else within the staging area.Signs will be posted.

Unless your band has been informed otherwise, all bands will be staging on Lakeshore, between Reynolds and Allen Street

Please walk the short block north from the designated drop off point to Lakeshore Road and find your position letter. Please ensure all band members know their assigned letter should they not be arriving with the rest of the band.

You will be met at the beginning of the Parade by Val Blackwell, our Band Co-coordinator and French horn player in the Top Hat Marching Orchestra.

PICK UP/PARADE END:  Once the parade is finished, Parade Marshals will direct your band along Felan Avenue.

Police will be on Stewart Street and will ensure all buses are parked on Felan Avenue ONLY.

For those of you who are leaving your car at the beginning of the Parade, you can use the special volunteer shuttle bus to take you back downtown. The first bus will depart at 11:00am and the second at 11:30am in front of Ecole Ste. Marie.

If you have children or youth in your band, DO NOT direct parents to pick up their children from these streets.  Parents picking up from Ecole Ste. Marie.

TRAFFIC CONTROL:  The Town of Oakville’s Public Works Department and the Halton Regional Police Force have arranged the necessary traffic control.  There will be barricades erected at all major intersections.  Please obey all traffic signs and barriers and co-operate with all traffic controllers and volunteers as they are there for your safety.

WASHROOM FACILITIES:  Washroom facilities for parade participants and volunteers will be available before the parade at the Parade Staging area in the public washrooms off Robinson in Towne Square and at the end of the Parade at Ecole Ste. Marie.

INSURANCE COVERAGETown of Oakville and the Oakville Santa Claus Parade have arranged, at its cost, insurance coverage for Parade participants and their entries under the Town’s Liability Insurance Policy.All motorized vehicles should have their own insurance in place for a minimum of $2 million liability.   It would be prudent if each group also arranges their own insurance for a minimum of $2 million liability coverage, however this is not a mandatory requirement for 2017.

 Thank you very much for your participation and enthusiasm.